S.P. (Ashford, CT)

“This past summer we were looking to update our kitchen and hired Karen Warner to help us with this project. Besides helping us choose new counters, appliances, and lighting, she made an important recommendation regarding our kitchen island that ended up improving the overall function of our kitchen.

Karen noticed that our large island was positioned too close to the outer counters, creating conflict with the cooktop, sink, and dishwasher. Her suggestion of moving the island has made our kitchen a more enjoyable space to work.

Another area that Karen suggested changing was the lighting. What an incredible difference this made, particularly in really showcasing the beautiful granite countertop.

She is very thorough and easy to reach when you need to ask questions. She has a wealth of information on appliances, counter surfaces, and will lead you to the best solution for your situation. Karen was with us every step of the way as a team worker in helping us to complete the most functional and beautiful kitchen within our budget.”