Below are a few of my projects. (Note: On some mobile devices you may need to “view full site.”) I’ll also mention a little about what a certified kitchen designer can bring to your project:

Why hire a certified kitchen designer? There are many types of building professionals who design kitchens (architects, cabinetmakers, contractors, interior designers), but an experienced kitchen designer has a depth of knowledge in this unique area that can greatly enhance a project in perhaps the most important room in the home. And beyond their experience, certified kitchen designers have been tested on and have demonstrated building knowledge and design standards. Additionally, we must stay at the forefront of the field by meeting continuing education requirements.

Architects generally focus on creating sound and aesthetically pleasing structures, while often leaving the interior spaces to specialists. Cabinetmakers and contractors install and often plan kitchens, their talents and time are usually spent where they have established their expertise, which is as builders rather than as designers. Interior designers assemble the furnishings, color schemes, and accessories that bring together gorgeous spaces. A certified kitchen designer, however, is employed to maximize the utility and attractiveness of your particular kitchen. Combining an extensive understanding of how appliances, cabinets, and layouts function together — and highly attuned to the details of your particular needs and wants — a certified kitchen designer can help ensure that your space fits your unique requirements.


A New Space for a Growing Family

This growing family had a kitchen that needed updating, which was a perfect opportunity to open up the wall between the kitchen and dining room. With different activity zones, this will be a room the family can enjoy together for many years to come.

Classic, Comfortable Kitchen

This retired couple wanted a space that better met their needs for cooking, entertaining family, and just enjoying their time together. To achieve the desired result we tweaked the room’s layout, replaced their failing builder-grade cabinets with custom painted ones, and improved the lighting.

Master Bath Renewed

This couple wanted to improve the function and look of their master bath. A custom tiled shower and reworked vanity areas will give them a space they can enjoy for years to come.

North Beacon Street Gem

This lovely historic home needed a kitchen update that would respect its character. Keeping the space open with good flow was important.

Farmhouse Transformed

This 19th century farmhouse kitchen was opened up to views of the gorgeous river and pond. In addition, we revamped the layout to make room for first floor bathroom with 42″ shower and stacking washer and dryer.

Relaxing Retreat Realized

This client wanted help transforming two awkward adjacent rooms into a soothing, spa-like space. The re-designed floor plan involved closing the entry to the room with the sink and shower, while taking down most the wall between the two rooms.